CareSpace Patient Portal

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Access your health information.

At Solara Health, we are committed to the needs of the New Jersey community, including the unique needs of everyone in our care. For that reason, we offer our patients easy access to their records via our convenient CareSpace online service. CareSpace is easily accessible; on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, patients have 24/7 access to medical information. The information in CareSpace comes directly from the medical records at our practice; this allows you to:

  • View most recent vital sign records

  • Access lab results

  • See upcoming appointments

  • Read educational materials 

Keep family, friends, and other caregivers informed

Inviting others to your CareSpace account lets your support team stay informed on your treatment plan and progress. Only you and the people you directly invite can access your account.

Securely store and download your health information

CareSpace is HIPAA-compliant and certified on the latest security standards; your information stays private and secure within the portal. From CareSpace, you can securely send your health information to providers outside of our practice.

How to Register for CareSpace

Getting access to your records couldn’t be easier!

To access your records via CareSpace, you must provide your email address to your respective Front Desk staff. They will then email you the registration instructions directly from CareSpace. CareSpace will prompt you to register by creating a unique password. Once registered, you can access CareSpace by visiting

Need help?

  • Expired Registration Link

    To ensure that your information stays safe, registration links expire after four days.
  • Forgot Password:

    You can reset your password yourself.  Look for the “forgot password” link on the login page at

  • Never Received a Link:

    Please check your spam folder and inform the Front Desk staff if you still don't see a new link.


Do you wish to communicate with your Care Team?

CareSpace does not currently have the functionality to communicate with your Care Team.  We are working on this, and it should be ready soon. For assistance with CareSpace registration, please speak to our Front Desk staff at the office you generally visit.